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Chapter IV
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Well, I have great news for you! You are going to play as a soloist - right now!
On the final pieces, of each page (in Chapter IV) you will see this image:
When you will click the For example... "play" button, you will get a playback arrangement for the current piece. Let's call this option:
"2 play". So now you can play as a soloist ;-) while your computer does the playback! With a few rehearsals... this is going to sound wonderful.

See how it works:
1. Before playing a piece with the
"2 play" playback, please, learn the piece very well !
2. Fine-tune your guitar precisely!
3. There is one measure in front as an introduction before you shall start playing! This is for giving you the beats, so you'll be able to fit in with the tempo:
   For rhythm of 4/4 - you'll hear 4 notes before you start to play.
   For rhythm of 2/4 - you'll hear two notes before.
   For rhythm of 6/8 - you'll get 6 notes before, etc.
4. Make the volume of your speakers lower, so that your guitar will lead.
5. If you find it too complicated, this means you have to master your part better. Or is your guitar out of tune?
6. If you still can't merge with the playback, please work it out with an experienced musician.

Try it with this A line:


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