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Ancient Guitar-kit

My Ancient Guitar

In the past it’s sounds symbolized peace and tranquility, and when it was played before sunset, all the members of the tribe would gather, drink coffee, and converse in whispers…in order not to vex the guitar by clashing with its melody.


See how other kids decorated their guitars...





How do you purchase the kit? – Very simple:
Write down a check of $41 USA for: Studio for Guitar - Naftali Lahav.
Send it to the following address:

Studio for Guitar - Naftali Lahav
P.O.Box: 0417
Kibbutz Mizra
ISRAEL 19312

For a faster action, use an On-Line secure order - by click the image on the right   Click to order today...


We developed the Ancient Guitar as a modular, “make it yourself” kit.
All the parts are prepared in advance and, with the help of the instructions, you can enjoy constructing the instrument at home.
The building process is an enjoyable experience for both,
Parents and children, because they become attached to the
instrument… to these pieces of wood which they have given life, turning them into a beautiful instrument with a warm, crystal sound. When the instrument is ready you can start playing it.
All the "How to play" method, can be seen  on "My Ancient Guitar" pages...

Note: The kit-guitar's prices for: schools, music courses and music-camps are much lower. Click for more information...
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