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     Music and Guitar Summer Program  
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Freedom Guitars & Harps


1. My Ancient Guitar 2. My Ancient Harp 3. Play Guitar.

Programs developer: Naftali Lahav


In the middle of amazing valley there is a peaceful place named Kibbutz Mizra.
Kibbutz Mizra is a green country settlement in Israel, next to Nazareth and Tabor Mount.
In this kibbutz we shall active two programs this summer.

Brief Descriptions:
 First program called: My Ancient Guitar, where each student will construct a personal one stringed guitar out of modular wooden pieces... Then we learn how to play it how to communicate with sounds, how to compose and improvise... till the final concert in front of our parents and friends. At the program's end each student will have his guitar taken home with a notebook that includes all the pieces and song we learnt.
My Ancient Guitar.


  Second Program named: My Ancient Harp [Previous name: My Ancient Harp]
Where each student will construct a personal three stringed Harp out of modular wooden pieces... Then we learn how to play it,,,


Third program named: Play Guitar for guitar lovers, students and players: Here we shall guide the students how to improve their playing skills by offering new technique ideas, scales, theory and most important we shall play together... in pairs, thirds, fourths up to full guitar orchestral performance. Each level of guitar playing is OK! On this week each student will construct an Ancient guitar for the fun... and yes we shall play it too :) Play Guitar.



Read More about our activities in our programs' pages:
  My Ancient Guitar  1. My Ancient/Ancient Guitar
Constructing and Playing Anchiant guitar...
   2. Play Guitar
Teaching guitar in groups at schools courses...

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All over the world - I teach train & support teachers - Online!
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