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Navigating this site

Navigating, surfing and finding your way around the site are easy:
The site is made up of four sections.
The sections are divided into programs, which are divided into pages.

If you wish to read and progress in an orderly fashion, begin with the opening page: home
At the lower right side of each page there is a link to the next page.
This way you won't miss a thing!

On the right side of each page there is a site map of the section you are in.
The flickering button (
) will point to the page you are on at the moment.

If you wish to view all the sections, programs and pages, you may press the link to “site map” at the middle right of each page.
From the site map you can choose and click direct to the each and every page that interest you.

Incidentally, you can always send us e-mail from the upper strip: cont@ct.

You can also reach us directly at this Tel/fax: 972 4 6429756.
In Israel Tel/Fax: 04-6420756

Have a pleasant surfing...

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