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 ...Video Page    Grades: 3 + 4   School   School Omarim - Video Page      
...The Clip    Grades:1+2+3 & 4+5+6   Summer Program   Kibbutz Izrael      
 ...The Clip    Grades: 3 + 4   School Programs   El Hiwar - School      
...The Clip        Summer Program   New Kids In Israel      
...Daniela's Guitar    Grades: 2+3 & 4+5+6   Summer Program   Kibbutz Reshafim      
  Easy Constructing    For Grades 1 - 3   Easy to construct   My Mini-Guitar      
...The Clip    Grade: 3   School Program   Alon Izrael       
...The CLip    Grades: 2+3 & 4+5+6   Summer Program   Kibbutz Dvir - Negev      
...The Clip    Grades: 2+3 & 4+5+6   Summer Program   Kibbuz Everon - North      
...The Clip    Grades: 1+ 2   Music Week   Noam-Neria - School      
...The Clip    Grades: 1+2   Music Week   The RAMBAM - Schools      
...The Clip    Grades: 1+2+3   Few days Program   Ein Hayam - School      
...The Clip    Grades: 2+3 & 4+5+6   Playing Only   Tel-Aviv Mission For Arts      
...The Clip    Grade: 6   Practicing Vivaldy   Alon-Izrael School       
 ...The Clip    Grade: 5+6   Special Progs   Gifted kids Kinneret Uni       



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The pieces we play:


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Medium Fast

1. J. S. Bach: MINUET
Anna Magdalena. Guitar and Ancient Guitars
Minuet  8.8 Minuet Minuet
2. W. A. Mozart : "Allegro In D"
Arranged for Guitar and Ancient Guitars
Allegro  14 Allegro Allegro
3. Ancient Tune: " Neima"
A tradition Ancient rhythmical piece
Neima 4.5 Neima Neima
4. L. V. Beethoven: Fur Elise
Beethoven would laugh or at list smile :-)
Fur Elise 4.2 Fur Elise Fur Elise
5. Memories - All by the Kids
The guitar part is playing by one of the students
Memories 4.2 Memories Memories
6. Canon    
Our school's 'ladies' playing " Frere Jacque"
Canon 6 Canon Canon
7. Summer Camp Mus-Course  
Kids [Grades 1-3] constructing Mini-Guitars 
Mus-Course 6 Mus-Course Mus-Course
8. Johnathan The Tiny 
Kids Folks Song
Tiny 7.3 Tiny Tiny
9. Dreaming
Combination of guitar and Ancient guitars
Dreaming 7.4 Dreaming Dreaming
10. Ancient Harp workshop  
From solo to orchestral...
Mus-Box 7.2 Ancient Harp Ancient Harp
11. Our Spanish Clip
Performing a Spanish Malaguena
Malaguena 6.1 Malaguena Malaguena
12. Twist Again (must see...)
Ancient guitars, rhythm-guitar and a singer
Twist Again 12 Twist Again Twist Again
13. Jazz - Mac The Knife
Ancient guitars and a solo jazz guitar
Jazz 10 Jazz Jazz
14. Constructing is easy... (O. Guitar)  
Constructing your Ancient Guitar - clip
Constructing  7.4 Constructing Constructing
15. Constructing Ancient Harp  (Ancient Harp) 
Constructing your Harp / Ancient Harp
Constructing  45 Const-Harp Const-Harp
16. Dance by Mozart
Ancient Guitars playing the orchestral part
Mozart 4.7 Mozart Mozart
17. "When I am angry I play this..."
2 stringed Ancient Guitar
Angry... 3.2 Angry... Angry...
18. My Ancient Guitar
Rhythmical piece with tapping
Ancient 7.3 Ancient Ancient
19. My Ancient Harp
Orchestral workshop: "My first piece"
Ancient Harp 3.5 Ancient Harp Ancient Harp
20. My Mini-Guitar
Easy to construct...
Mini-Guitar 8.6 Mini-Guitar Mini-Guitar


If you are interested in acting The New Music Education Project in your place - Please go to our Joining the Programs page, and fill the request form. If you are music teacher, principal or any educational authority involving with music-course, summer-camp etc - You can ask for the program's video-CD. We will send it to you [free] Don't forget go leave us your address!

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