Places and schools we active: The New Music Educational Project 





Summer Programs: 2017


 Video.. Guitar and Ancient Harp Nir Itzhak   
Video.. Ancient Harp  Kisufim  
 Video.. Guitar and Ancient Harp Omarim School  
 Video.. Guitar and Harp Reim  
 Video.. Guitar and Harp Magen  
 Video.. Guitar and Harp Ramat Rahel  
 Video.. Mini Harp How to const. Mini Harp  
Video.. Ancient Harp Tzelim  
Video.. Ancient Guitar Gvulot  
 Video.. Ancient Guitar Music teacher course  
 Video.. Mini Harp Omarim  
 Video.. Mini Guitar Alon Izrael  
 Video.. Mini Harp Tachemony  
Video.. Mini Guitar Noam Neria  
 Video.. Guitar and Harp Ein Hashlosha  



Video.. Ancient Harp Arava  
 Video.. Ancient Harp Uni Be'er Shever  
 Video.. Ancient Harp and Guitar Beit Nir  
 Video..   How to const. Mini Guitar  
 Video..   How to const Mini Harp  
 Video..   Hiwar school  
 Video..    Video..   Video..   Video.. Golan  
 Video.. Ancient Guitar Omarim  
 Video.. Ancient Harp Alon Izrael school  
 Video.. Ancient Harp Omarim school  
 Video.. Mini Guitar Tachkemony  
 Video.. Ancient Guitar Noam Neria  



 Video..   Tel-Aviv  
Video..   Kibbutz Izrael  
Video..   Aielet Hashahar - New kids  
Video..   Alon Izrael  
Video..   Dvir  
Video..   Evron  
Video..   Grade A+B Alon Israel  
Video..   Grade A+B Rambam   
Video..   Grade A+B Ein Haiam  
Video..   TLV Art Museon  
 Video..   Haiwar 2  
 Video..   Grade D Omarim  
 Video.. The House of the Rising Sun Omarim  
 Video..     Givat Oz  
 Video..     Haiwar 1  
 Video..     Shaa'r Hagolan  
 Video..     Galil Yam  
Video..     Brener  
 Video..     Ifat