Progressive Exercises for your Right Hand

1. General Instructions: 
The purpose of these exercises is to bestow your right hand to play in more flexible, 
easy and freely way. The exercises are written in Tabs so that it can be played as patterns
for every one, from beginners to pro guitar player. By practicing gradually, from very slow
speed to faster - you will make your right hand technique progressing.
Those exercises should be practicing for a long time gradually, as there are no boundaries
for speed, accuracy and sounds qualities.

A) Basic Right Hand positioning:
Rise your right hand in a rounded shape and place it in front of the strings, but do not touch
the strings yet. The wrist should be free and a bit round, so the palm will lean naturally and
loosely as a continuation of the arm. Form the fingers just as you see in the photo.
Stay in this position for few seconds and concentrate on unlocking your wrist.

B) Your right hand's thumb the: p
After positioning your right hand move your arm and palm closer toward the strings.
Then relax your p so that it lies in its resting position, which is your p zero point. 
Remember, the p and its adjoining muscles should be loose and free.
Always! Make sure that your thumb is free, and never locked by its muscles.

C) From its zero point, the p will stroke the string in an ellipse track. It is important to understand
that the p will not pluck the string by pushing it down, but rather should stroke the string
by doing an ellipse. After plucking the string, p is again at its zero point, ready for its next action.

2. How to practice:
a) Start very slowly, make sure that there is no any tension at your wrist, make your finger's
movement full. b) Gradually, make your speed increased. c) As you progress, you may
change the bass-strings playing order. d) After some progress, play the first soprano note
simultaneously with the first bass's note:

3. On The Way Back Home [An Easy Arpeggio] - The third exercise.
Pay special attention to the Left Hand Patterns: 
p - a m i m a. p - m i m a m. p - m a m i m.
Play them in the way it's written along the correct notes indicated; this way you will be able
to play with a - m - i all over the sopranos string without using the regular way,
such as when the finger: i - plucking string and finger: m plucking string etc.

4. Thumb work [Notes]
Simple C scale... yet playing the suggested tracks, using your thumb - will surly make it boosted!
This short method will make your thumb jumping cheerfully along the guitar strings,
by doing so intensively, your thumb will learn the right distances and that will make tremendous
improvements in your playing!

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