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Methodology and Technique



Methodology and Technique 
By Naftali Lahav

  By: Naftali Lahav  [BUY Play Guitar_$26]        
A complete program for beginners designed to be studied through the Internet or by download the Play Guitar program straight into your Hard Disk as a setup installation file.

This method is graduated, easy, direct and can be used for self-instruction or in conjunction with a guitar teacher, step by step. The goal with the Play Guitar method is to teach ANY ONE that has the will to learn to play this instrument. The program begins with a preparation for each study element followed by a combination of elements and actual playing. The Play Guitar method is a graduated five stage method, following a prefatory "How to" stage.

One sentence description of each chapters:
Prefatory chapter: "How to" -   How to hold the guitar, position the hands and pluck the strings.
Chapter I: Privatization - Elaborating the basic elements: plucking with the thumb, fingers, and using the left hand.
  Chapter II: Combining the basic elements using the sign script: thumb and fingers plucking the strings together and combining both hands.
Chapter III: Playing short pieces using the numeric system (TAB): Malaguena, Waltz, Blues and more.
Chapter IV: Learning the notes of the first position.
Chapter V: Studying pieces for your first performance (for family and friends). 
For more information about the method, enter to our concept page in the Play Guitar method.

COMPOSE & PLAY Learn to play guitar's first-position in a creative way [see Demo...[PDF_$10]

Seven Etudes -A guide for the young guitar artist: [PDF_$10]    
These are seven short etudes, each of a different nature. These etudes provide important material for learning to prepare a musical piece. They also make it possible to study musical elements. After learning the notes we can deal with understanding the nature of the piece, the sounds, the colors, the dynamics and other issues which the professional performer must deal with. The etudes are recommended as material for exams and concerts.
Here are two of them for examples: 
Etude no. 6 


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MY FAVORITE GUITAR PIECES Vol. I.  Easy Arrangements ready for guitar students: [PDF_$9]       Fur Elise by Beethoven, Spanish Romance, Minuet and Bourree by Bach, Sailing, Imagine, Old Mcdonald's Farm, Albeniz - Asturias...

MY FAVORITE GUITAR PIECES Vol. II Easy Arrangements ready for guitar students: [PDF_$9]     
Greensleeves, Malaguena, Minutet by Krieger, Etude by Tarrega, Ode To Joy by Beethoven, A piece by N. Paganini and Wilensky  

MY FAVORITE GUITAR PIECES Vol. III.  Easy Arrangements ready for guitar students: [PDF_$9] [Hard Copy_$12]
Help by the Beatles, Habanera, Musette by Bach, Mazurka, Memories From Brazil, The Hope, Spanish Waltz...  

MY FAVORITE GUITAR PIECES Vol. IV.  Easy Arrangements ready for guitar students: [PDF_$9] [Hard Copy_$14]
Mr. Lonely, Si Tous Les Oiseaux , I loved Her, Light's Win, Every Breath You Take , Avec le Temps,  Over The Rainbow, Here Comes The Sun, Etude No. 7 , Air on G String  

Etude for i-m-a: [PDF_$8] 
Two parts Etude, written in: A-B-A. Based on chromatic-passages and a tremolo quite advanced piece.
An important technical piece for guitar teachers and advanced student, as we are having here a new concept for training the right hand fingering: The i-m-a fingers will plucked in cycles according to stabled patterns; and not according to the strings' heights' order! 

Progressive exercises for your right hand: [PDF_$8] [Hard Copy_$14]
Fast and short, yet very effective right hand method.
The exercises are progressive from the very easy level up to where you can play tremolo.
The exercises are written in Tabs as basic patterns, so that you'll be able to develop your playing by adding bass's movements directions.
Recommended as a daily practicing for every guitar student and teacher. [Read more...]

Lahav's Guitar Scales: [PDF_$9] [Hard Copy_$14]
I. Pre-exercises for scales along a single string
II. Scales along a single string
III. Cross-vertical scales
IV. Scales from the basses 
V. Exceptions
VI. Harmonic & Melodic Minor
VII. Modes [Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian]
VIII. Pentatonic Scales
IX. Maqamat [Hijaz & Nakriz]       
[Read more...]

Chords Arpeggios: [PDF_$9] [Hard Copy_$14] 
One of the best ways to obtain advanced technique, master the guitar neck, and play guitar compositions at a higher level of ability and quality, is by practicing Chord Arpeggios. Just like scales and etudes, they should be practiced on a regular basis. Here is a new approach and concept recommended for advanced guitar students as well as guitar teachers! [Read more...]

  P-TUDE:  [PDF_$8]   
P-TUDE is an Etude written for your right hand thumb = p. That's where the name P-Tude - came from. 
Perpetuum mobile piece that will boost your p as it jumping in and between treble strings to bases.
Playing this piece daily, starting from very slowly then gradually increase your speed; will improve your technique dramatically!
Make sure your thumb =
is flying while your right hand is free and lose and with no effort, yet make sure that your thumb is hitting the strings precisely. 

Mainly Position V: [PDF_$9]
A new and effective method to practice and master the guitar's fifth position.
Guitar students find it difficult to handle, and there were no specific method - till I wrote "Mainly Position V".
Each string has three level of practice: One line study, Short Etude and short Composition - all related to the string the page is dealing. For example see page No. 1...

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