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Chapter IV
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In Chapter IV, Learning Notes, there is a significant expansion of music!
In fact, it is an entire guitar notes method - within the
Play Guitar program!
These pieces are related to the subject that you are working on.
For example, if you are studying the g-string, then all the buttons on this page will direct you to more exercises, more techniques, and more short compositions related to the g-string.

Every page offers three levels of expansion:
1. Basic knowledge - To practice the new learned notes.
   2. More exercises - Exercises to combine with the previously learned material.
      3. Short original pieces - Short compositions based on your knowledge.

As you'll progress on, you'll find those pieces more and more interesting...
Practicing them will make you a much more experienced guitar player!

After practicing, Click the button to return to the source page, which is the main page. This way you'll keep going on the main road.

You can start the notes method in Chapter IV - now! Go to Chapter IV...

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