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level1.jpg (5348 bytes) Buy Play Guitar 2 - Full Version.
  Click the guitar-icon on the right. And you will get download link in 24 hours


level2.jpg (5551 bytes) You can also send us $26 (USA). Please, post it to:
Studio for Guitar (Naftali Lahav) P.O.B: 0417. Kibbutz Mizra. ISRAEL 1931200.
As soon as your payment arrives, we shell then email you a link for download
Play Guitar the full version as setup installation file + your Password.

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level3.jpg (5648 bytes) Webmasters, Music sites, Schools, Guitar & Music teachers We are now offering Play Guitar as an On-Line web-program, so that you'll be able to offer this full method to your Internet community and your site's visitors. See how it works on our site: www.nl-guitar.com
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