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You are at Chapter "How to..." Page No. 4Holding positions Exercise it for few days!

Lesson goal:
Obtaining a basic holding and playing position from which you will grow to play freely and naturally.
1. Guitar positioning
Sit on the last third of the chair, lean your body a bit forward. Elevate your left leg by a footstool (15 to 18 cm high) Place the guitar on your left knee, braced by the right knee, and lean it slightly back, so the guitar's surface will be directed a bit upwards. Now, balance it so that the guitar's body will be parallel to yours. This is your opening guitar position...

2. Right hand positioning
First, position yourself in the opening guitar position. Now raise your right hand in a rounded shape and place it in front of the strings, but do not touch the strings yet. The wrist should be free and a bit round, so the palm will lean naturally and loosely as a continuation of the arm. Form the fingers just as you see in the photo.
Stay in this position for few seconds and concentrate on unlocking your wrist.

3. Left hand positioning
After placing the guitar and the right hand into their positions, raise your left hand so that the guitar's neck will be located into the palm, just like it is in the photo. Let your thumb go completely loose to the left.
Round your fingers so they will gently touch - with their tips - one of the middle strings.

Practice each holding position slowly, precisely and gradually, from paragraph 1 to 3. After a week you will feel comfortable with your new guitar holding positions. This will be your starting point as a guitar player...

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