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We are looking for motivated Music Teachers!
To help activating the programs at yours school

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We are looking for Music Teachers that can active our programs at schools and summer camps at Your area! There is a need for original fresh music-programs!
Lots of schools are interested in our programs - and we are now looking for good and experienced Music Teachers If you believe you can do it, please contact us Then we can print you a personal brochure [See Example...] Send you our program's CDs and will guide you in all the program's stages!


 The New Music Educational Projects includes four programs:
  My Ancient Guitar  
1. My Ancient Guitar
Constructing and Playing one string guitar [Grades: 4 up to 9]
  My Ancient Harp   2. My Ancient Harp [My Ancient Harp]
Constructing and Playing Three strings Harp [Grades: 2 up to 4]
  My Mini-Guitar    3. My Mini Guitar & Mini Harp
Constructing, decorating and play a tiny Guitar/Harp [Grade: 1 and music days for all ages in summer-camps]
      4. Play Guitar
Teaching guitar in groups at schools and music courses
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  Other ways to contact The New Music Educational Project:
1. By email: edu@nl-guitar.com [Please, place 'NAFTALI' in the subject line - thanks]
2. By mailing to: Naftali Lahav: P.O.Box: 0216 * Kibbutz Mizra * ISRAEL 19312
  3. By Tel/Fax: + 972 4 6429756

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