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My Ancient Harp
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What is it?  
In this program each student will build an ancient harp out of modular parts. The resonance box is built out of wooden parts, which we prepare in advance, and the students measure, mark and glue the parts together under the teacher's guidance. Later, the students add the boards and stretch three strings of different widths over them. Thus, every student will have a three-toned instrument. The strings will be tuned in order to achieve the desirable intervals.

Ancient Harp program at School

The instrument makes it possible to play spontaneously and we can therefore focus on the experience of playing, that is, creating sound combinations, rather than stressing the technical aspects of music teaching.


My Ancient Harp
An ancient harp
What is it?
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With this instrument we can also present elementary musical pieces of different cultures. For example, in the final concert we could play an early Hebrew piece, a Chinese piece, a Spanish piece and a contemporary children's song.

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The constructing process is slow. The whole class progresses together according to the building plan, which the teacher has practiced in the teacher-training course.

 Even during the building stage, it is important that the teacher dedicate some time to preparing the students for playing, since students in the early ages of 2nd and 3rd grade are still acquiring the normative behavioral codes.

Playing together sets up a great challenge for students as well as teachers. However this is the essence of the program. We create a system of stimuli, especially through game tasks, in which the students are asked to perform a basic assignment, such as: composing a musical phrase, writing it down, teaching one's friend, playing it together for the class. The students can also be assigned pair work: Student A taps the backside of an instrument (Darbuka), student B responds in music.

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Gradually, and with the development of the program, we will be able to play together, and at this point we can suggest pieces that work very well with a solo instrument (Played by the teacher) and a Ancient Harpes orchestra.   An ancient Chinese melody: The Return of the Emperor 
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You can now learn easily how to play and teach the Ancient Harp
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