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Music and Education


My Mini-Guitar
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My Mini-Guitar & Mini Harp

A new program suited for
6 to 72 years olds   First and second graders 



My Mini-Guitar

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  Do It Youself !

 For Summer camps and any enrichment programs!
We send it all ready to built and play... (not includes hummers ;)
 The link for: Minimum order: 20 kits ($7 a kit + shipment) More info: guitar@nl-guitar.com

The goal of this program:
Bringing the participants closer to music in an experiential way, so that they will become fond of music and will love being involved in musical activities.

 The Concept:
Entering the abstract world of sounds by building a personal Mini-Guitar, which each participant will put together using modular parts.
The attachment which students will develop towards their instruments in the building process will encourage the students to play themselves, on their own as well as together with their friends.

The Method:
Each participant, guided by the instructor, will build a personal instrument. The building process will last up to five weeks. As the building progresses we will make a basic acquaintance with concepts such as: music, sound, rhythm, songs...

When the instruments are completed, the students will begin to learn how to play them. The lessons will usually consist of three parts:
1)   Introduction - acquiring a new idea.
2)  Learning to play - according to the method presented by the developer.
3) Conclusion - orchestral accompaniment of a song or a melody.


We are looking for Music Teachers and schools to Join Us...
Advantages of the program:
The program combines a loved instrument with visual and narrative contents in music.
The participants feel they are building and playing something real!
The program can be taught by any music teacher who has good communication skills with children, and is sensitive to the emotions of children of these ages.
The program may also be taught by kindergarten teachers who have basic knowledge and love of music.
  Building the instrument is very easy.
Teacher training courses are short.
The program and the material are inexpensive.


Playing like great

The Mini-Guitar can also be an attractive instrument for older kids in shorter activity programs, such as summer camps or a one-day musical get-together. read how to join...
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