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Heitor Villa-Lobos (1887-1959) The most important Brazilian and South American composer. H. Villa-Lobos' music was completely new and influenced by different sources: late Romantic and Impressionistic periods, National elements, Bach, Brazilian folk music, undeveloped tribes and more. He wrote in a very special way and created a whole new style for the guitar using the string intervals for repeating wonderful chords in chromatic and diatonic ways. In 1945 he founded in Rio de Jeneiro the Brazilian Academy of music of which he was president until his death. H. Villa-Lobos used to say: "...I do not know what the word inspiration means. I create music out of necessity, biological necessity"

Etude No. 1 - for guitar - by H. Villa-Lobos

89. Etude No. 1

From: 7 Etudes for the young guitar artist

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