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How to...
Chapter I
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First pieces
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Chapter IV
My first guitar repertory
Chapter V

You just entered Chapter I • Page No. 8Plucking with my p on open bass strings

The Chapters...

We shall start with our right hand, with the thumb. The thumb - p, is the key for your right hand playing. After each stroke it has to reach it's resting zero point. Practice the opening pages slowly!
This means playing on open string No. . Your left hand fingers will not participate, as it has a zero number.

The "play" button will activate a midi file so that you will have an idea of how the music should sound. Midi files don't sound as good as your guitar! Midi sounds change from one soundcard to another. The midi files will not perform repeats at the end of the exercise, in order to save you time.  

The Thumb and the Bass

1. First touch...

Move your p in an ellipse manner

2. An open bass string melody

Try to do as if you are throwing the p against the strings

3. The jumping thumb

Before and after each stroke, the p is at the zero resting point

Select a tempo you will feel comfortable with. Go over this page a few times for a day ...after two or three days go to the next page. As you progress, look back from time to time and play the previous pages again! At this point you should play only a few minutes at a time. Take a break when there is any feeling of pain in your back or hands.

After practicing, go to page No. 9Jumping with my thumb • Or move to page: 10 11 12 13 14 Home
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