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1. Ancient Tune: " Neima"
A tradition oriental rhythmical piece
Neima 4.5 Neima Neima Neima
2. Canon    
Our school's 'ladies' playing " Frere Jacque"
Canon 6 Canon Canon Canon
2. Summer Camp Mus-Course 
Kids [Grades 1-3] constructing Mini-Guitars 
Mus-Course 6 Mus-Course Mus-Course Mus-Course
3. Dreaming
Combination of guitar and oriental guitars
Dreaming 7.4 Dreaming Dreaming Dreaming
4. Music Box workshop  
From solo to orchestral...
Mus-Box 7.2 Music-Box Music-Box Music-Box
5. Our Spanish Clip
Performing a Spanish Malaguena
Malaguena 6.1 Malaguena Malaguena Malaguena
6. Twist Again (must see...)
Ancient guitars, rhythm-guitar and a singer
Twist Again 12 Twist Again Twist Again Twist Again
7. Jazz - Mac The Knife
Ancient guitars and a solo jazz guitar
Jazz 10 Jazz Jazz Jazz
8. Constructing is easy...  
Constructing your Ancient Guitar - clip
Constructing 7.4 Constructing Constructing Constructing
9. Dance by Mozart
Ancient Guitars playing the orchestral part
Mozart 4.7 Mozart Mozart Mozart
10. "When I am angry I play this..."
2 stringed Ancient Guitar
Angry... 3.2 Angry... Angry... Angey...
11. My Ancient Guitar
Rhythmical piece with tapping
Ancient 7.3 Ancient Ancient Ancient
12. My Music Box
Orchestral workshop: "My first piece"
Music Box 3.5 Music Box Music Box Music Box
13. My Mini-Guitar
Easy to construct...
Mini-Guitar 8.6 Mini-Guitar Mini-Guitar Mini-Guitar
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If you are interested in acting The New Music Education Project in your place - Please go to our Joining the Programs page, and fill the request form. If you are music teacher, principal or any educational authority involving with music-course, summer-camp etc - You can ask for the program's video-CD. We will send it to you [free] Don't forget go leave us your address!

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