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Y. Schryer - Guitar method 

For beginners

Would you like to study the guitar at the Guitar Studio? Terrific! We accept all students on two conditions:
1.Loving the guitar and its sounds.
2. Perseverance.
That is all. I do not believe in the tone identification exams that are demanded by some music studios and schools. In the long run they are found to be unreliable. However, students who were attracted to the guitar and showed perseverance have reached achievements.


Learning to play
For beginners
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Friendly way

We study in a friendly, non-competitive and relaxed atmosphere.
These conditions are very important to the beginner student. Why? Because the first three months of study are critical.
During these three months we teach the general concept from which the student can continue and develop. Therefore, we do not start playing immediately, and we certainly do not start by playing chords.

First we teach the correct sitting posture, then the position of the hands. Then we focus on the thumb. At this stage the thumb is the finger which plays the bass strings. We teach the student to pluck the string in a middle movement.
At the same time we teach the student how to use the other right hand fingers, as well as how to press the strings with the left hand, one finger at a time. In the following stage we will move on to the combined operation of the plucking thumb and fingers and the pressing fingers, and we will start playing exercises and short pieces.

We start by teaching the basics of the Spanish guitar. In this domain there is already a tradition and methods, which have given good results. From this point the player can develop in his own, individual direction. We are opposed to teaching chords at the very beginning, since when playing chords we use several fingers simultaneously, and if the student has not been taught gradually how to use each finger independently of the others, his basic technique will be defective.

After having taught these basic principles, we move on to notes and playing short pieces, improving sound and technique. During the second year we will suggest including some theory in the lessons, so that the student can know more about the music he/she is playing.

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