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Learning to play

For advanced students

Advanced students are those who can already play reasonably well from notes, who are able to play several pieces and who have reasonable technical skills.

We can offer advanced students progress in several domains:

1. Improving basic skills
The more we can operate our fingers from a more relaxed hand and body position the better we can play. Perhaps you were not aware of all the factors involved in playing when you began studying. We will review them one by one and help you play effortlessly.


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2. Etudes
An etude is an exercise (should be pretty one) that sounds like a musical piece, but usually focuses on a principal technical aspect of playing, such as arpeggios (playing like a harp) or legato (ties).  We will progress in this direction only after we know the piece. Yes, improving playing technique through etudes and pieces in general can only come after we have mastered the piece and are free to deal with an easier, better and more aesthetic performance.

 3. Knowledge of music
If you are interested in increasing your knowledge of music, we can teach you how music is formed. We will start with the things we play. For example, if we are doing scales, we will study the structure and basic principles of scales

There are several domains of knowledge that every advanced student should acquire:
a. Intervals.
b. Scales.
c. Chords and their inversions.
d. Experience in composing and improvisation.

4. Building a repertoire
This stage involves choosing the pieces you intend to play for an audience. This does not have to be a concert audience. It could be playing for family, friends, in an exam or (if you are a teacher) for students. It is very important to choose pieces carefully, because we will be spending a lot of time working on these pieces. Therefore I always involve the student in this decision process.
We suggest including an early piece, a Baroque piece, Classical and Spanish material as well as a contemporary piece. We encourage students to write their own pieces and include them in the repertoire as well.

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