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For the computer lovers

Many music lovers are computer lovers as well.
It's a fact! Perhaps it would have been better if it weren't so, because the computer "takes up" a lot of precious time that could be used for playing the guitar.

But if you are like me, and cannot do without it, you might as well use your love for the computer to do something useful that will lead you to future progress.



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The following, are several things that would be worthwhile to use the computer:

1.Writing notes
You can learn how to write notes professionally!
We will learn how to plan and adjust a page, put the notes in correctly and divide them into bars, add dynamics, fingering and text headlines. In the future this may be useful if you wish to write your own exercises and pieces.

2. Musical compositions and transcriptions
There are free programs or partially free programs in the Internet, which you can easily download in order to transcribe music. You download and open an interesting music file. Now you can change the rhythm, dynamics, instruments or even the notes, and thus create your own original piece, with your own transcription or concept. You can also write your own music. The problem here is that it is very easy to write meaningless notes. Each pressing of the mouse is like a note, and it is therefore advisable to first learn some principles and writing styles, have some experience with them and maybe hear and analyze some characteristic pieces before modestly entering the sphere of composition.

3. Developing a musical ear
Yes, there are programs that enable you to develop your musical ear. First you must study intervals (melodic and harmonic) and chords, and then you can move on to the stage of practicing with the program. Later, the program will also play some dictations for you.

Constructing your own site
We can teach you to construct your own Internet site. First we will define the subject this site will be dealing with. Perhaps it will be dealing with you yourself? We will choose a background and name for the site and start to incorporate texts, pictures, sound files, connections and more. This will be an opportunity of revealing yourself in the Internet.

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