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Studying theory in addition to playing

Here in the Guitar Studio, studying theory is not obligatory.
It is only recommended. Furthermore, when you are just starting to play we even recommend not studying theory.
However, in more advanced stages, when you can already play some pieces, and you play relatively well and with ease, it is worthwhile to consider expanding your knowledge and learning something about the principles of arranging those black dots. It is always advisable to start with intervals, which give you the dimension of the values and relativity of the sound distance between two tones or more.
The minute you understand the concept of the interval it is possible to approach the subject of the main western scales: the major and minor scales (in three positions)


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Understanding these two concepts - intervals and scales - enable us to understand the structure of the chord and its inversions. Once each position has been studied, it is important to practice.

We can offer advanced students an introduction to counterpoint and the basic principles of writing in four voices. The purpose of writing counterpoint and voice leading (harmony) is not necessarily composition, but rather, knowing the principles of writing helps you control the material. Once you write a piece of your own you can break all the rules we have studied. These are only tools that help us understand the principles used to write music in the past, and above all offer us control of this subject.

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