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You are at the   Legato practice page - Make it a daily practice!

In practicing the legato, we shall play notes involving an open string! This is to ensure that you are not using too much effort! The legato can improve your playing by making your right hand fingers independent, free, and much faster - but this can happen only if you will practice with your wrist and palm free! Read about legato...

Up-stroke - 2 notes

Pluck only the first note of each pair (D) than hit the next note with the left hand finger as if it were a little hammer.

Down-stroke. 2 notes

Play the first note of each pair normally. Then pull the left hand finger downward such that the lower note produced is clear..

Up-stroke - faster...

...But first, start slowly!

Down-stroke - Faster...

Gradually move faster

Up and Down-strokes (triller)

Play only the first note of each bar (red) then use your up and down stroke technique continuously

Etude for the Legato

After succeeding in playing the legatos, learn this short legato piece by memory – play it every day!

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