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The Legato
Playing a group of connected notes is a legato. The type of the legato is indicated by the composer's instructions or by the player's musical-taste. The legato techniques are done only by left hand stroke actions! In technical terms, the legato can be achieved in four ways:

__Up-stroke legato







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1. Passive Legato:

Holding the same note, as it connected by a tie.

2. Up-stroke Legato:

Play only the first note (b) than hit the string with the left hand finger! This legato is always from a lower tone to a higher one. Go to practice...

3. Down-stroke Legato:

Play only the first note, then pull your finger down and out so that it will produce a new - and lower tone. Go to practice...

4.The "Triller":

Performing Up-stroke and Down-stroke Legatos rapidly, one after the other will produce Go to practice...

The Vibrato
A slight fluctuation of the pitch, which produced by a motion of the left hand in which the pressing finger is swinging to the side such that the sound is affected.

The Apoyando stroke
The Apoyando stroke is a right hand stroke technique: The right hand finger presses the string (by sliding on it) until departure... then the finger rests upon the adjacent string. Now, another finger will follow. It is recommend that you not use this technique in the first year of study! The reason is that you will have to use a certain amount of force in your right hand fingers, and that can cause damage in the early stages of learning.

The Flamenco
A southern Spanish (Andalusian) folk music, primarily songs and dances. Flamenco is a mix of the Arab musical influences as well as the strong and emotional Spanish, Sephardic and Gypsy temperament. Flamenco was shaped in the early 19th century and also called the "deep song" (in Spanish: "cante hondo"). Usually its context is highly emotional feelings, and the words of the songs are tragic.
 Solea (dance) - Guitar flamenco by - Miguel Angel.

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