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You are at Chapter II • Page No. 20 For technique improvements

Francisco Tarrega (1852-1909) Most important guitarist and composer from Spain. Tarrega had the good fortune to acquire an unusually loud and resonant guitar - on the left - designed and constructed by the famous luthier Antonio Torres. Tarrega was to prepare the way for the rebirth of the guitar in the 20th century. Tarrega was a friend of Albeniz and Granados and was the first to transcribe their works for guitar.

 Recuerdos de la Alhambra, by Tarrega.

40. The Tremolo

Try to perform this tremolo also with this right hand patterns: p-i,a,m and p-m,i,a

  Go to: "My first Tremolo piece...

41. The passage

Combinations: p and i,m

42. The Triplets: Three notes in one beat!

Insert three notes to one "V" leg movement

For Arpeggio practicing...    

I regard this page, includes the "Arpeggio practicing - More..." as very important training! Those exercises should be performed perfectly... but that takes time ...a few weeks or even more. So classify those two pages - for daily practicing - parallel to learning your first guitar pieces in Chapter III. 
After practicing go to the next page: 21 Expansion... • Or move to Chapter III Home

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