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You are at page No. 6 • On chapter: "How to..." • My right hand First get the idea! ...then work on it
Your right hand's thumb is called- p
After positioning your right hand move your arm and palm closer toward the strings. Then relax your
p (thumb) so that it lies in its resting position, which is your p zero point. Remember, the p and its adjoining muscles should be loose and free, always! Make sure that your thumb is never locked by its muscles.
The p plucked
From its zero point, the p will stroke the string in an ellipse. It is important to understand that the p will not pluck the string by pushing it down, but rather should stroke the string by doing an ellipse. After plucking the string p is again at its zero point, ready for its next action. You can now pluck notes of long time values - on string .
Plucking with my i, m, a fingers
First, move your palm closer towards the strings. Than see that your fingers: i, m, a, will meet the treble strings - naturally - diagonally, on their upper left sides! True, we shall pluck the strings on our upper left side directly into the palm. As you stroke the treble strings release the top portions of your fingers so that the strokes will act easily. We shall call this stroke Free Stroke. Try it ...

The nail setting
Playing with a professional nails arrangement will improve the sound and technical possibilities. Yet, you can start playing without nails - but as you progress, you should grow your nails so they will grow past your finger tips by 1 millimeter. Then you shall polish them as demonstrated in the photo:
Leave a little wall on the left side and create a slope to the right side. The treble strings will meet the wall (while the basses - the slope)
After shaping the nails, it is necessary to do a finishing process. Polish them with delicate sandpaper, gradually changed from 400 or 600 grit to 800 to 1200 ...up to 4800 grit.

In going over these explanations... you must fully understand them first! Then play cautiously, producing slow and long notes so you can lead your fingers correctly. As for nail setting, we have a nail setting kit. Please e-mail us if you are interesting in obtaining one.
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