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The numeric system, in other words, Tablature, has some significant advantages for the first steps. You can locate each tone visually, as it based on graphic realization; and that will serve us for the start.
If you want to skip this (not recommended) and start playing notes right now, please jump to Chapter IV...

Let's see how that works:

  • There are six lines here (not five as usual) each line representing a string:
    String is the lowest bass pitched, string is the highest treble pitched.
  • The left hand fingers are marked as a numbers from 1 to 4.
    The zero is an open string, indicating that no finger is acting upon the string.
  • The right hand fingers are marked as italic letters: p - i, m, a. (see page No. 5)
  • At the end of the measure No. 2 - in the demonstration below, there is a tie between two equal notes; that means that the note you play will last TWO beats! The tie here, is the passive legato mark.

See the illustration in the photo to the right. Finger No. 2 is pressing string upon the second fret. Please pay attention such that your pressing finger is located just a bit before the fret itself.

First position
In this method we shall play in the guitar's first position.
The first position is the area of the first 4 frets, next to the guitar's head.
It is intended for your left hand only.
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