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Symbols and Shapes
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Crescendo (abbr. cresc.) Gradually increasing the volume.
Tied notes, see Legato. Decrescendo (abbr. Decresc.) Gradually decreasing the volume.
Broken chord - performed with: p,i,m      Broken chord - performed with: p sliding over the strings.
Sharp - raises the pitch by a half tone -or one fret. Sharp next to the clef (blue) will affect the whole row. Rasgueado - Strumming up and down with all right hand fingers briefly over a group of strings, usually from to . Common in Flamenco guitar music style.
Flat - lowers the pitch by a half tone, or one fret. Flat next to the clef (blue) will affect the whole row. Natural (red) cancels a sharp or flat and the tone is natural. Here the B-flat will change to natural b.
Notation of Natural Harmonics
A diamond-shaped note with a numbered fret [ex: H.12] indicates that this note should be performed by touching the string slightly over the indicated fret [ex: H.7] with your left hand, while you pluck the string normally with your right hand.
The harmonic-effect will produce a sound of bells.
Harmonics sounds

Musical Terms

Adagio - Very Slow Chromatic - By semitones Molto - Very...
Al Fine - To the end Cavatina - A short sentimental song Piu - More...
Allegro - Quick, lively Crescendo (abbr. cresc.)- Gradually increasing the volume Piano (abbr. p) - Soft
Allegretto - Less quick then Allegro Da Capo (abbr. D.C.) from the beginning Poco - A bit, a little
Andante - A bit slow Da Capo al Fine - From the beginning to the word Fine Rubato - Play freely
Andantino - faster then Andante Decrescendo (abbr. Decresc.) Gradually decrease the volume Triplet - three tones played in the time of a one beat duration
A tempo - At the original speed Diminuendo - Gradually diminished Presto - Very quick
Beat - A unit partition in a measure Espressivo - With expression Scale - A tonal pitch ordering
Cantabile - In a singing style Fine - The end Sempre - Always
Canto - Song Finale - The end Staccato - Short, detached
Coda - Ending section Forte - (abbr. f ) - Loud Soft, Piano = p
Calmo - calm, relaxed Grazioso - With Grace Softer, more Piano = pp
Con brio - with vigor and spirit Largo - Very slow Forte, loud = f
Concerto - A composition for specific solo instrument(s) and Orchestra Legato - Tied sounds Louder, more Forte, = ff
Chords - Sounds played together Lento - Slow Mezzo (half) Piano = mp
Chitarra - Guitar, in Italian Melancholy - sadly Mezzo (half) loud = mf

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