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For whom is the program suitable?

For anyone!
The program “Play Guitar” was written for anyone between the ages of 10 and 80. It is based on the concept of teaching the basic principles of playing in a professional way, and with short, clear explanations accompanied by pictures and simple animation.

On each page there is a possibility to get help through e-mail, and we undertake to answer promptly.

In order to play some easy (and wonderful) pieces for guitar the student must hold the guitar correctly, pluck the strings correctly, and acquire the right playing habits. All this can be found in the first chapter called "How to".


Play Guitar
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For whom it is suitable?
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The purpose of this chapter is to teach the basic principles of playing correctly. Starting to play with mistakes will have bad effects in the long run, and will cause enduring bad habits.

At the basis of the method is the concept that music must be easy, effortless, like reading a book. However, playing demands the development of many skills at once. Since we are not used to this, we might play incorrectly if we do not receive the right guidance.

The idea that you must study the guitar with a teacher is true. It is always best to study with a teacher, however, it is not always possible. Sometimes we want to try and experience something before fully committing ourselves, especially when we don’t really know if it suits us.

“Play Guitar” is not meant to replace a guitar teacher. Quite the contrary! With all due modesty I suggest that guitar teachers embrace this program and use it with their students. No other workbook enables you to hear the pieces and exercises instantly as this one does. Near every line of notes there is a button which you can press in order to hear the exercise or piece. You can e-mail us for help from every lesson page.

It is important to note that the program was written in English since it is used as a guitar teaching program in the Internet, in which, as you well know, the formal language is English. However we have the method “Play Guitar” in workbooks written in Hebrew, as  Tele-Yeda Company (learning at home) uses this method with its students. It is therefore possible to study the guitar with this workbook through Tele-Yeda as well, and if you are teachers, or workers of the ministry of education you can even earn credits from the ministry of education by taking this course.

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