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  Continued study at the Guitar Studio

After you have experienced playing the guitar yourself, you either know how to play, or feel you are no longer progressing.
You might also wish to broaden your knowledge and become a guitar player. Just cont@ct us.
We can accept more students. First we will meet, and you can tell us what your wishes and expectations are. We can prepare a progress plan and start working.

If you are a teacher who would like to meet us in order to review the method so that you can use it with beginners, we will be glad to meet you and talk.
For teachers who have very young students (3rd – 5th grade) we recommend building a little Ancient guitar with the student and using it as a sort of pre-guitar instrument to teach the basics.

Many teachers find it difficult to prepare their own repertory. We suggest a yearlong teacher-training course to improve technique, sound, sight reading, composing for guitar and expanding their repertory.


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