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Our TAB - The numeric system

The number method is the sign script, which gives a graphic picture of playing positions. It is called the Tablature, or TAB. We will use it for the first playing positions, and we will simplify it to make it easy.

In this method, the six lines represent the six strings, and we also mark them by the string numbers, which appear in a circle.

The tones are marked by numbers on the strings (the lines). A note marked by zero (0) means that none of the fingers are pressing the string, and therefore we call this note an open string note.
The letters: 
p, i, m, a, represent the left hand fingers.


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We always play the notes from left to right. In the following example, we will first play an open note on the fifth string, that is, none of the left fingers will be pressing the string. Following this note we will press the fifth string with the first finger, and then we will press the sixth string with the second finger, and so on.

The program "Play Guitar" is for beginners, and thus it focuses on the first position. We will be playing the upper part of the neck, the first four frets, which are near the head of the guitar. The left-hand fingers will be marked by numbers.

For example: the player in the picture places finger no. 2 of the left hand on string No.

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