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Playing the guitar involves many factors, such as: holding the instrument correctly, reading notes, coordination, rhythms, musical terms, etc. The need to deal with so many factors makes it difficult.
The purpose of the Play Guitar method, is to offer a simple and direct way of studying the guitar and play successfully!
First we will learn how to hold the guitar. This is a very important chapter. Later we will learn to play by using each hand and each finger separately.
From this stage on we will start playing according to the numeric system. The function of this method is to enable the student to play little pieces within a short period of time, while keeping in mind the correct position of the instrument and building a solid basic technique.
The Numeric system is a TAB that enables the pupil to play with the aid of a visual representation of each note. Each line represents a string on which the fingers of the left hand are placed:

Please read the explanation about our TAB system on page 7. It is not like the usual TAB, it is easier! If you want to skip the TABS in purpose of concentrating with the notes, please click and then go to Chapter IV.

In this way the student can play short pieces like, Waltz, children’s songs, simple Blues, short classical pieces and more in just a few weeks! While we can concentrate on holding and playing positions!!

Learning to play by notes is a longer process, and the student will reach this stage after he or she has learnt essential playing principles by playing pieces according to the number method.

At the end of the musical notation chapter there is a collection of pieces that can be used to form your first guitar repertoire. Fantastic!

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