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You are at Chapter II • Page No. 17 Make ready your right hand (trebles)

Andres Segovia (1893-1987), a Spanish musician and the most important classical guitarist of the 20th century, re-established the guitar as a serious instrument for concert music. He made his first concert in Granada at the age of 14 and began an international career in Paris in 1924.
Segovia made many transcriptions for guitar, especially from lute and harpsichord music. Several important contemporary composers created works for him, such as the Brazilian H. Villa lobos - 12 Etudes for guitar and Five Preludes.
Etude No. 1 - by H. Villa-Lobos

28. Finger No.1

Locate the pressing finger just before the fret

29. Finger No. 2

As you are pressing, make sure that there is no counter press by your left hand thumb

30. Finger No. 3

Finger No. 3 has a tendency for collapsing, so watch it and make it round!

31. Finger No. 4

Practice your 4th finger slowly and gently

32. Little tune

Fingers No. 1, 2, 3, and 0 (open strings)

33. Little tune - advanced

In this piece, each measure is a phrase

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