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Principal parts of the guitar

In Words:

Strings, numbers and letters

 Principal parts of the Guitar

The guitar strings are divided into two groups: Bass strings and Treble strings. The basses are wounded with metal wire and the trebles are plain. Each group contains three strings.

All six strings are marked with a number inside a circle. String No. is the lowest and string No. is the highest. See the photo on the right.

In order to distinguish the right hand fingers from the left, the right hand fingers are marked with small inclined letters. The Spanish terms are:
p - pulgar.
i - indice.
m - medio.
a - anular.

Strings, Numbers and Letters

Tuning your guitar:

The Bass strings:

  • String No. = E

  • String No. = A

  • String No. = D

    All three Basses:

  • The Treble strings:

  • String No. = g

  • String No. = b

  • String No. = e

    All three Treble strings:

  • The basses are written with CAPITAL letters.

    Tuning the guitar requires some experience! If you are unexperienced be cautious and ask to someone who knows how to tune guitars to help you. Best of luck with tuning... ;-)
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