Teaching in a group

  I.  Holding Positions

     1. Sitting position
     2. Ancient Guitar Position
     3. Left Hand
andot2.gif (135 bytes) a) Placing the hand
        b) Mark and Press
     4. Right Hand
     5. The plectrum

  II.  Playing

    1.Contents of playing
        a) Open string
        b) Open string and 1
        c) Open string + 1 + 2
    2. Music Creativity
        a) Composing
        b) Improvisation
        c) Solo playing
  III. Music pieces
  IV. Two strings
       The pieces


The New Music Educational Project - My Ancient Guitar

Positioning of the Left Hand

Left Hand Positioning     We will release the arm near the body and then bring it up towards the neck, slightly turning the hand so that it parallels the neck of an Ancient Guitar.

Once the neck has been placed between the thumb and the index finger we will round the fingers so that their tips reach the string - without any strain.



At this point we will make sure that the wrist is relaxed and slightly rounded. The base of the thumb exerts no effort.


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