Teaching in a group

  I.  Holding Positions

     1. Sitting position
     2. Ancient Guitar Position
     3. Left Hand
        a) Placing the hand
        b) Mark and Press
     4. Right Hand
     5. The plectrum

  II.  Playing

    1.Contents of playing
        a) Open string
        b) Open string and 1
        c) Open string + 1 + 2
    2. Music Creativity
        a) Composing
        b) Improvisation
        c) Solo playing
  III. Music pieces
          Go to music

  IV. Two strings
       The pieces


The New Music Educational Project - My Ancient Guitar

The pieces we will play at concerts

After we finish building the instruments the students may be less excited about the program, because we enter a more difficult stage of the program – learning how to play.  After a maximum of 5 weeks of teaching the fundamentals of playing there is a need to start setting goals for the performances, and this adds some excitement to the program and focuses common goals for playing together in the concert.

     There is no need to wait for the end of the program and the final performance. It is recommended to prepare a piece or two for every holiday, and try to perform in school ceremonies and events.

Therefore we make a distinction between pieces prepared throughout the program for occasions such as holidays, and pieces prepared gradually for the final concert at the end of the program.




In the “small” performance, for example for a holiday, we can prepare three pieces:
1. An ensemble piece (composed by one of the students and played by everyone).
2.  An obligatory piece, such as “Ancient Melody”
3. A holiday song. The song is sung by a few of the students (or a soloist, or played by the teacher) and the other students accompany:

 In the final performance for the school and parents at the end of the program the following program may be suggested:
 A piece or two for the oriental guitar – composed by the students and played by a soloist.
A chaining improvisation piece (see improvisation). An obligatory piece: “Ancient Melody” and a solo piece for an instrument accompanied by a Ancient Guitars orchestra.
A piece composed by one of the students and arranged and adapted with the help of the teacher (Orff instruments may be included).
A percussion piece using the back, side and front of an Ancient Guitar.
An orchestral piece with a soloist (the soloist may be the teacher)
To conclude, a song or two sung by several students (or soloists) accompanied by a Ancient Guitar orchestra. The audience and/or parents may be invited to join in on this final piece.

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