Teaching in a group

  I.  Holding Positions

     1. Sitting position
     2. Ancient Guitar Position
     3. Left Hand
        a) Placing the hand
        b) Mark and Press
     4. Right Hand
     5. The plectrum

  II.  Playing

    1.Contents of playing
        a) Open string
        b) Open string and 1
        c) Open string + 1 + 2
    2. Music Creativity
andot2.gif (135 bytes) General
        a) Composing
        b) Improvisation
        c) Solo playing
  III. Music pieces
  IV. Two strings
       The pieces


The New Music Educational Project - My Ancient Guitar Music Creativity

Composition and Improvisation with the oriental guitar


In most of the units in this program (building the instrument, teaching how to play it…) we guide and instruct the students leaving little room for the student to express his/her individual creativity. In the units dealing with composition and improvisation the student is given a real opportunity to create something of his own, and that is the importance of the subjects of composition and improvisation.

Teachers should introduce this important subject as soon as the students know how to use the left-hand fingers.

The aim of the method presented here is to create an experience of success, and therefore it should be taught logically and technically at the beginning. But though the first stage might seem technical, as the students acquire skills and use their imagination and creative talent they will be able to write plenty of pieces of their own.

It is important to note that every program must include at least two pieces written by students, which will be adapted to be played by the whole group. These pieces will be part of the concert at the end of the program.




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