Teaching in a group

  I.  Holding Positions

     1. Sitting position
     2. Ancient Guitar Position
     3. Left Hand
        a) Placing the hand
        b) Mark and Press
       4. Right Hand
andot2.gif (135 bytes) 5. The plectrum

  II.  Playing

    1.Contents of playing
        a) Open string
        b) Open string and 1
        c) Open string + 1 + 2
    2. Music Creativity
        a) Composing
        b) Improvisation
        c) Solo playing
  III. Music pieces
  IV. Two strings
       The pieces


The New Music Educational Project - My Ancient Guitar

Holding the plectrum

We will first review the position of the right hand – the emphasis will be on keeping the wrist and hand relaxed.

The plectrum is held between the thumb and the index finger. We will place the plectrum so that its upper part will cover the top joint of the finger while the thumb rests on it and holds it in place. The teacher should move from student to student making sure that the pressure between the thumb and the index finger is not too great, thus ensuring a somewhat flexible grasp of the plectrum.



The holding stage lasts about three weeks. During this stage it is difficult to achieve variety in playing. However, it is a very important stage, in which we will play an open string in combination with percussion. For example, one student will play a musical phrase on an open string and the whole class will repeat the phrase in percussion - and vice versa. We will also learn meter and the basic time signature and incorporate them in one line compositions which the students will play several times while you improvise on this rhythmic line.

We can play a single string in several ways:
a. Playing a given line together.
  b. Playing intermittently, that is, half of the class plays one bar and the other half plays the next, something similar to imitation - written down.
c. We can play two interwoven voices, each with a different rhythm.
d. The most important thing is to prepare pieces that sound nice with the teacher's accompaniment.


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