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Music and Education


Music Computers and Internet

The concept of the program

The Internet is the largest source of information in the world.
But the fact that it is also so accessible and available to everyone makes it one of the dominant factors of the century.

It is no wonder that so many teenagers are drawn to it.
Another fact is that many are drawn to the music sources offered by the net abundantly and free of charge.

We have found that there is a lack of knowledge regarding the Internet, that is, everyone knows how to surf, which is the most common use of the system, 7but only few know how to really work with the net.




Music Computers
and Internet

5th - 12th grades
The concept
Teaching the basics
Working with music
Individual work
An Internet site

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We would like to offer a learning program and unique experience for teenagers, and use this music path to learn to work with the Internet as well. We wish to subject our endless resources to a specification of goals, filtering, downloading, handling the materials, our own additions and a final establishment of our goals.

The Internet also offers many tools, that is, programs that are given for free or at low prices, and can be used to learn about sounds, rhythms, voices in music, styles, easy transcription and composition. Students with a tendency towards the theoretic aspects of music rather than towards dealing with the sounds themselves, can study music history, musical styles, instruments, composers, contemporary bands, etc.

The objective of the program:
Teaching Practical working techniques for the Internet and computers, with an emphasis on musical contents.

The goal of this program is not just learning about music, but also preparing and training the students to work with computers and the Internet, a skill equivalent in importance to using a pen! However, this technical skill can be used to attain knowledge about a subject that we love and specialize in - music.
Thus we can achieve two goals:
1. To improve our command of the computer and the Internet for handling information (learning).
2. Expanding our knowledge of music, as the program contents deal with music.
The program can be used with 5th-12th graders if adjusted to suit the average age and knowledge of the students.

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