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  Music and Guitar


Music and Education


Music Day

Workshops with musicians

The music day is a day in which the whole school changes its atmosphere and sounds. We propose a series of workshops operated simultaneously, with the children moving from one to another and exploring them throughout the music day.

The workshops are based on special programs prepared by the artists. These programs must meet three requirements:

      a. The artist is one of the prominent musicians of his field in the country.
b. The artists is able to communicate with the students in the workshop and motivate them to participate.
c. The artist has prepared a workshop program that has been approved by the director of the Guitar Studio.



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The goal of the music day:

Making possible the direct and instant contact between the students and the musicians and music. In Other words, bringing live musical experiences to the students, so that they may participate and feel the music in the deepest sense, with the artist and his program.

How does it work?

The students are divided into groups of 30 to 50 students. They may be divided by grades, but groups of students from two grades are preferable. For example:
1sd and 2nd graders divided into groups of 30-50 students.
3rd and 4th graders divided into groups of 30-50 students.
5th and 6th graders divided into groups of 30-50 students.

The advantage of this division is that the students leave their regular surroundings - the class, the grade - and enter a somewhat different environment. Thus the students will be more attentive during the workshops.

Before the music day we will have a meeting at the school and a tour of the school and classrooms, after which we will determine which classrooms and halls are best suited for the music workshops.

Upon finishing the workshop activity, we suggest having a performance for all of the students. The performer will be an artist who can arouse the interest and encourage participation of all students.

A music day is about 4-5 hours long, with three workshop rounds and one artist for the final performance.

A possible format of a music day:

     Artist A, percussion - a program combining rhythm, a story and student participation.
Artist B, the magical guitar - the tale of the first guitar, playing Spanish music, students play Ancient guitars with the artist and the group becomes an orchestra.
Artist C, “pantomusic” - a combination of pantomime and music in a pantomime artist’s performance.
A building workshop - building a small instrument using plastic cups, wooden rods, a rubber band and stickers.
A final performing artist. The artist may be:
  - A clarinet player. The program consists of soul music, or,.
   - A singer accompanied by a musician. The program consists of popular songs.


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