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You are at Chapter II • Page No. 16 Make ready your left hand (basses)
Now it is time for your left hand fingers. Gradually, one by one, you will combine each finger. It is important to locate your left hand palm correctly, so that you can press upon the strings without a counter press with the thumb; the mass of your palm will be sufficient. The pressing action of the string must last a while, so that the sound will last. Locate the pressing finger just before the fret!
While practicing, take a look at your left wrist to see that it stays free and loose.

22. Finger No. 1

Finger No.1 will press the string a bit on its side because of our hand structure

23. Finger No. 2

Meet the string at your fingertip

24. Finger No. 3

As you press, make sure that your finger is round

25. Finger No. 4

Practice the 4th finger slower and gently

26. Combinations within a melody

Support the rhythm with your leg's "V"

27. Melody with two endings

Play 4 measures, up to the repeat Then start from beginning, skip measure No. 4 (first ending) and jump to the last measure (second ending)

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