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Concerts at school
It is no secret that today's students do not attend concerts, unless they are Rock concerts. Why? Because a concert is a social event rather than a musical event.

We would like to offer schools a series of concerts, or meetings with an artist, in which the music and the playing will become a real experience.

We could plan a concert series with much thought, so that each meeting/concert will present a different kind of music, which will fascinate the students. Such a series could include artists whose performance involves dancing with music, such as Flamenco.
A successful series of concerts has a lot to offer students, and it may make it possible for a student to later enjoy classical concerts as well.
We can suggest artists who enable advanced music students to participate in their concerts. True, this requires some planning, but we can coordinate it. 



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For example, if there is a good violin player and a good flute player at the school, and a concert of Spanish music is coming up, the artist can contact these students, send them some simple notes by mail, and they can all play together at the concert (The artist will arrive early that morning to rehearse the piece with the other players).

This series may include different instruments, different musical styles, different songs, and/or integrate a school topic.

We suggest having a concert once a month or once every two months. The artists will usually be musicians working with the Guitar Studio, which produces the music day program. If the school has a music teacher who can give a concert himself, it is recommended to include him in the program.

An example of a concert series could be:
First concert, introduction: Israeli songs.
Third concert: the guitar, music and stories.
Fourth concert: percussion instruments - Brazilian rhythm.
Fifth concert: a Flamenco dancer and Spanish folk music.
Sixth, final concert: Jewish soul music.

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