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  Music and Guitar


Music and Education


Music Day

Our own music day!

It is possible for the school itself to organize a music day. This will be done by the students with the help of the teachers. The beauty of this project is that it is self- made, and thus enriches the school with experiences of joint work toward a big goal.

The first step is making a list of resources and ideas. For example:
1. Students who are advanced players organize a music ensemble with the help of the music teacher.
2. The school choir, if there is one, can perform. If there is no school choir we can gather students who sing well and form one. Then the choir can prepare some songs chosen by the students.



Music Day
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Our own music day

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3.If one or more grades at the school is working as a "playing school", or if there is some other music program in the school, the students involved can prepare about 20 minutes for the music day.
4.A workshop of animation about a musical topic (call us).
5.A workshop of computer games and computer music.
6.Inviting one of the musician parents to prepare some activity connected to his own expertise.7.A building workshop - building a small instrument (call us).
8. Experience with an instrument using percussion instrument patterns (with the school music teacher, call us)

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