Principles of Playing
  Teaching in a group

  I.  Basic Knowledge

   1. Sitting positions
     2. Holding the Plectrum
     3. Plectrum style
     4. fingers-style plucking
     5. Our notes' sings
     6. Tuning
     7. Qualities of sounds

  II.  Playing

    1. Contents of playing
        a) Playing one string
        b) Playing two strings
        c) Playing accompaniment
    2. Creativity
         a) General
         b) Composing
         c) Composing board
         d) How to improvise
         e) Imp. with drawing
         f) Progressing   
  III. Music pieces
      Go to the Pieces...



The New Music Educational Project My Ancient Harp Basic Knowledge

Opening sitting position
Goal: To provide an opening point for the playing lesson.
Each participant places the Ancient Harp on its side near the right foot of the chair. The student sits erect towards the back of the seat.
Note: students who are left-handed may play as they please. However, instructions pertaining to the left/right hand should be reversed.

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Positioning the Ancient Harp
From this point on we will discuss two standard styles of playing:

   a. Strumming with a plectrum:
We place the Ancient Harp so that the bottom board rests on our knees and the wide string. String No. 3 is near our body. It is possible to place the Ancient Harp on its side - too when we are using a plectrum.
   b. Guitar finger-style
We place the Ancient Harp on its side so that the low string no.3 is at the top (See photo on the left). The left hand holds the instrument lightly in order to stabilize it). 


Holding the Plectrum

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