Principles of Playing
     Teaching in a group

  I.  Basic Knowledge

    1. Sitting positions
     2. Holding the Plectrum
     3. Plectrum style
     4. fingers-style plucking
     5. Our notes' sings
     6. Tuning
     7. Qualities of sounds

  II.  Playing

    1. Contents of playing
        a) Playing one string
        b) Playing two strings
        c) Playing accompaniment
    2. Creativity
         a) General
         b) Composing
         c) Composing board
         d) How to improvise
         e) Imp. with drawing
         f) Progressing   
  III. Music pieces
      Go to the Pieces...

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The New Music Educational Project My Ancient Harp Principles of Playing

We will spend only a short time learning the holding positions. The “advantage” of the Ancient Harp over the Ancient guitar is that it does not require much practice of holding positions, and it is therefore possible to start playing almost immediately.
The principles of playing are actually acquired as we learn to play. That is, we will demonstrate and teach how to strum the string and will immediately present playing material.
The lesson should not be dedicated entirely to teaching the basic principles. Only about one third of each lesson should be spent learning these, while the rest should be used to enable the students to experience playing in pairs or in groups of three. Each lesson should end with an orchestral piece.

   The material prepared by the teacher should be simple so that every student will experience success. This program will supply abundant material and it will not be possible to teach all of it. Therefore the teacher will have to choose pieces to match each class.


Teaching the basic principles is sometimes considered to be a relatively problematic stage, since we are leaving behind the great excitement of building the instrument, but do not really know how to play yet. Learning to play requires work, patience and cooperation, which students sometimes lack, and thus the teacher should prepare a number of pieces that the students will enjoy and be motivated to play. This can be achieved by using very simple pieces with an accompaniment (or playback). 

This program offers a considerable number of pieces, but the teacher must be able to write material for his/her class independently.

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