Principles of Playing
Teaching in a group

  I.  Basic Knowledge

    1. Sitting positions
     2. Holding the Plectrum
     3. Plectrum style
     4. fingers-style plucking
     5. Our notes' sings
     6. Tuning
     7. Qualities of sounds

  II.  Playing

    1. Contents of playing
        a) Playing one string
        b) Playing two strings
        c) Playing accompaniment
    2. Creativity
         a) General
         b) Composing
         c) Composing board
         d) How to improvise
         e) Imp. with drawing
         f) Progressing   
  III. Music pieces
      Go to the Pieces...


The New Music Educational Project My Ancient Harp Principles of Playing

How to teach the basic principles – in a group
During the building stage we recommended organizing the tables in a “U” shape so that the teacher is able to move inside the “U” and have full and direct contact with each student. This arrangement should be kept during the playing stage – but without the tables. Every lesson we will put all the instruments on one table and hand them out only after an orderly beginning of the lesson.

Every lesson will be divided into three units:

I. Introduction
An overview of what is going to be done during the lesson (about 90 seconds).
Presenting a new concept/subject/idea/experience – learning (up to 7 minutes).

II. The body of the lesson: Learning and dealing with the main subject of the lesson
(for example, learning to play two strings using a plectrum and guitar fingers-style).
This stage will consist of:
1. Learning to play – the class as a whole (for example, playing in pairs a given phrase).
2.Conveying the learning contents (for example, the students experiment with writing and playing their own piece).
3.Working individually (or in pairs, groups of three) on the material learnt using very basic musical patterns (for example, one student plays string no. and a second student answers by playing string no. or tapping).

III. Lesson closure – in playing
The groups that worked together play before the class and receive feedback.
The whole class/group plays a closing piece prepared and presented by the teacher. This piece should be attractive to the students, for example an accompaniment of a popular song or even a certain musical element from a larger piece.


How to teach playing in a group
It is essential that every student learn the fundamentals of playing very well. Without such a solid base we will find it difficult to continue to the stage of playing pieces.
The subject of teaching to play in a group/class setting should be taught in teacher training courses. The object of this booklet is to complete the knowledge gained in these courses. The first goal is to teach the students to strum a single string correctly. Once we add a second string we will learn two ways of strumming:
1) Strumming with a plectrum.
2) Guitar fingers-style plucking, that is, thumb versus index finger.


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