Principles of Playing
  Teaching in a group

  I. Basic Knowledge

     1. Sitting position
     2. Holding the Plectrum
  3. Plectrum style
     4. fingers-style plucking
     5. Our notes' sings
  6. Tuning
     7. Qualities of sounds

  II.  Playing

    1. Contents of playing
        a) Playing one string
        b) Playing two strings
c) Playing accompaniment
    2. Creativity
         a) General
         b) Composing
         c) Composing board
         d) How to improvise
         e) Imp. with drawing
         f) Progressing   
  III. Music pieces
      Go to the Pieces...



The New Music Educational Project My Ancient Harp Playing


Playing an accompaniment to a popular song



We can write a simple accompaniment almost to every song or piece of music by using only the basic three notes!
The basic tuning: A-B-C [or: D-E-F] enable every music teacher and every music-amateur to arrange an accompaniment bass-line that will counter the melody and will make the   piece sound good.
Now, if we will add  a chords [usually by the teacher] player by guitar, keyboard or any other instrument, this may sound fantastic!



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