Principles of Playing
  Teaching in a group

  I. Basic Knowledge

     1. Sitting position
     2. Holding the Plectrum
  3. Plectrum style
     4. fingers-style plucking
     5. Our notes' sings
  6. Tuning
     7. Qualities of sounds

  II.  Playing

    1. Contents of playing
        a) Playing one string
        b) Playing two strings
        c) Playing accompaniment
    2. Creativity
         a) General
         b) Composing
         c) Composing board
         d) How to improvise
         e) Imp. with drawing
         f) Progressing   
  III. Music pieces
      Go to the Pieces...



The New Music Educational Project My Ancient Harp Basic Knowledge



Basic tuning of the Ancient Harp


The Ancient Harp has its own basic tune: A – B – C (sharp)
The purpose of these signs is to form a sequence of sounds with which we can accompany many songs and pieces. It is important to emphasize that this tuning is not obligatory and may be altered according to the subject matter. For example, in Chinese/Japanese music it is recommended to tune at intervals of quart + major second (the intervals are always from the low string and upward)
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It is to said, that every teacher can transpose the Ancient Harp tuning to any tone his class may feel comfortable In this case, guitar teachers may use a guitar's Capo for an easier playing. Nevertheless I am strongly recommending to use the original tuning: A-B-C, therefore all this Ancient Harp method referring to A-B-C. It is also match the related program: My Ancient Guitar as it also tuned as: A-B-C + D.


Qualities of sounds

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